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I caught the blog bug four years ago and am head over heels for it for three main reasons:

1. Your blog is a key player in keeping your site fresh and relevant to search engines. Think of it as your website’s cooler, younger sister who’s up on all the latest related to your business and industry field.

2. Blogs are a terrific way to give your product, brand, or service a fresh personality — one that attracts your clients because it’s interesting, engaging and, hopefully, nice to look at — it’s the one you want to sit next to at a dinner party.

3. Having a blog is one of the most cost-effective ways to easily connect with your customers. No big ad budgets, media buys, or long-winded strategy sessions necessary.

But here’s the catch — a good blog needs to be paid attention. How many times have you clicked on a site’s blog and it hasn’t been updated since 2010? Shock, horror, right?!

If your site’s visitors come across an unmaintained blog page, it subconsciously resonates — “if this company isn’t paying attention to its blog, how current, how relevant, how committed are they?

Blogs want to be read! So that means you need a plan — a blog editorial calendar — that you stick to.

Jen’s blogging services include:

1. review of your blog.

Got a blog but not seeing much traffic, interaction? Let’s take a look and see what’s working, what’s not and tweak it back to health.

2. blog creation.

Don’t have a blog on your site? No problem. Let me set one up for you.

3. blog editorial calendar content strategies.

Blog calendars must be well thought-through and have a nice mix of brand-centric posts, as well as lifestyle, popular interest stories that are an extension of your brand or field.

4. guest blogging.

Because it’s always nice to have visitors, I can connect your brand with related brands or people in the industry to “come in” and give your blog a related, yet different take on what’s happening in your field as a guest blogger.

5. ghost writing.

Don’t have time or anyone on staff who can maintain your blog? Let me write your blogs for you.


social media

If your business isn’t using social media in some shape or form, it’s missing out on reaching a tremendous amount of customers — big time. Social Media makes your business more “human” and approachable. This is where conversations begin and relationships are fostered. I can work with you to decide which type of social media platform makes the most sense for your business and get you started, restarted if it’s been neglected for some time, and back on the “scene.”

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